The Prophet Kahlil Gibran

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran is a great book on many many subjects of life. It has inspired numerous people and artists such as The Beatles, Indira Gandhi, John F. Kennedy.  It is a book that talks to people at different stages in their lives, and can be read, reread and reread as it is not a book that tells you something but invites you to reflection.

Here are the most interesting subjects that we have selected for you

On Love On Marriage On Children On Giving
On Eating and Drinking On Work On Joy and Sorrow On Houses
On Clothes On Buying and Selling On Crime and Punishment On Pleasure
On Beauty On Laws On Freedom On Reason and Passion
On Pain On Self-Knowledge On Teaching On Friendship
On Talking On Time On Good and Evil On Prayer
On Religion On Death

You can also download The Prophet from  Kahlil Gibran ebook, in PDF or for your eReader or tablet, in the library.

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