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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is self-help?

It is estimated that people use an average of only 2% to 10% of their potential in all areas of their lives: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.

Most spiritual teachers and therapists would say that you are living in a state of ‘semi-sleep,’ even as you read this very page. The road to personal development allows you to use a much larger part of your potential to reach an enlightened state.

Because your environment often has a negative impact, balancing it with positive thinking is one of the ways to attain enlightenment; although only one of the ways, it is still a basic step towards this goal.

2. Do you have any affiliation with some sort of cult?

Positive-Club Team members have ties to various disciplines, but free thinking unites them all. Some people believe in certain things, and others believe in different things, but not one is from a cult, or has any intention of starting one. A cult-like philosophy goes against the very meaning of personal development. Instead of freeing people, it imprisons them through deception.

3. Who is Christian Godefroy?

Christian Godefroy is the author of many books on personal growth and development. He has conducted seminars with over 6,000 people, on subjects that include speaking in public, relaxation, and Mental Dynamics. He founded a publishing house that bears his name – Godefroy Publications – and is now Director of the Reading Committee. The creation of this site allows him to focus on his first passion: helping people with their personal growth and development.

Read More on Christian Godefroy on his Bio Page

4. How can Positive-Club change my life?

Have you noticed that certain events can influence the rest of your life? Sometimes words or images trigger insights in your mind and your heart, like a door opening onto new avenues of knowledge, experience, know-how, and understanding.

The Positive-Club Team is comprised of word and image collectors wanting to share their discoveries with you. Not all at once, of course (you’d probably forget most of what they have to say), but over the course of the coming days and weeks. One of their stories or anecdotes could mean all the difference to you. Partaking in their wisdom may be the equivalent of “walking with greatness.”

5. How is your site funded?

For the moment, mostly elbow grease and enthusiasm are keeping this site running. We also have ebooks for sale on both Kindle, iBooks and Kobo, precisely on self-help issues.

6. Can we register our friends with Positive-Club?

If you have a friend, a parent, a relative, a colleague or employee who has Internet access, and if you think they may be interested in their personal growth, why not give them our Internet address? Better yet, send them our home page. As you saw earlier, you can sign up for them, but please inform them you have done so – we do not want anyone to think we are soliciting. If you’re still not a member of Positive-Club register now to receive free inspirational stories and famous quotations, in addition to your free e-book about positive thinking .

7. Other questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us on the Contact Page

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