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“How to get rid of your worries and negative thinking”
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You will receive a free self-improvement ebook from Christian Godefroy “How To Get Rid of Your Worries And Negative Thinking Using the Vittoz Method.”

Things like worry, fear, anxiety, trauma, complexes, obsessive thoughts, problems, guilt, resentment, regret, failure, vexation, humiliation (could be cultural…), frustration (emotional, physical, material), bitterness and jealousy all have a negative impact on your creativity, your happiness, and your success. Learn how to eliminate all these negative thoughts and feelings and free your mind.

Christian Godefroy describes 12 exercises designed to free your mind of poisonous thoughts that have such a negative influence on your life; resulting in lasting peace-of-mind.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

“Having an occasional negative thought is important because is allows us to prepare for the unexpected. Negative thoughts can be used to help rid us of our fears and make us think critically, using our rational mind.

Thinking too negatively, however, contributes little or nothing to our well being. In fact, it does just the opposite. Any special moment or happy event can be ruined by a negative thought. A study about what preoccupies the minds of people today shows that they spend most of their time worrying about events that will never happen.

Even worse, instead of just thinking bad thoughts and forgetting about them, we often continue to dwell on them.


Nervousness, fatigue and irritability, all of which have the potential to unleash psychosomatic illnesses and even cause a physical or mental breakdown.

The idea that negative thoughts have a harmful effect on our mental health is not a new concept. Dr. Vittoz, a specialist in stress-related problems, has developed a way of re-educating cerebral activity, called the “Vittoz Method.” The method has been successful in the treatment of many types of neuroses.

By helping you get rid of your worst fears and worries, the Vittoz Method will make you a happier, worry-free individual, and ultimately lead to success.”

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This method is almost unbelievably effective at getting rid of negative thoughts and preventing them from recurring.

Put off for tomorrow what might end badly today.


Good intentions are like NSF cheques.

Oscar Wilde

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